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The integrated Social Networking Development service of Convergent Infoware is built on extensive understanding of the current market trends and business objectives. In blend with technological expertise and the best web practices, we create effective communicative platform.

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Social Networking Development

Social networking sites have earned immense popularity over the last few years. It comes forward with diverse services and helps users in connecting with people. Social networks also assist them in sharing opinion with people who bear similar thoughts and keep in touch with friends and colleagues.

Social Media generally has complete access to the personal information provided by the users, thus, they can help business in determining the target audience. Not only that, it also supports people by working as a platform to enhance careers, find prospect with abundant skills and recruit employees. Their user-friendly feature and free-of-charge services attract people to be a dedicated member of social networks.

We are a team of passionate developers who design application matching your specific requirements to appeal the target audience. We design social networks essentially scalable in order to support any level user growth. For structuring simple user interface we employ technologies like PHP, AJAX, MYSQL, and JavaScript.

Admin Panel

With user-friendly interface our designed admin panel is comes with responsive feature as well. It integrates elements like-

User & Group management

We equip the designed website with advanced management system and with this the admin can easily manage the user accounts. It gives the admin the ability of blocking, removing unwanted guests, viewing the user’s profile and activity log of the user account. With the innovative management provisions the admin receives the credibility of creating and managing groups, members and information.

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Content Management

Through our robust management tools, the admin will be able to handle event, marketplace, and job category. They can add, delete and bring changes to the posted information from the event category and product or service details from the marketplace category. They are also ascribed to the power of searching, deleting posts and other write ups on the whole site.

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Email templates

The feature of our precisely designed community engagement portal allows the admin to administering his website easily through the administration portal. Even, through changes to the default email template and transform it according to his requirements and choices.

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Payment Settings

Here the admin can manage the fees accredited for marketplace, job categories and restaurant-oriented profile creation. Even from this very provision the free services can be managed as well.

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General Settings

The admin will have full-fledged control on managing the basic setting parameters of the social networking portal developed by the experienced development team of Convergent Infoware.

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Secure Service

Convergent Infoware, one of the most renowned Social Networking Development Companies of India, pays huge attention to ensure portal security, securing sensitive transaction system and incorporating data encryption solution.

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User reports and statistics

Stay conscious of the user activity for designing your data-driven marketing. The statistics will provide you valuable data about your website through easily accessible interface.

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Core Features of Our Services

Our team cherishes creative flare and encompasses solid understanding of the trade. The power of technology is infused here with the meriof humans to present the smartest possible outcome.

01.Profile Creation

Our technologically advanced system allows the end-users to create profiles and upload display picture. Starting from basic information to additional information like education, hobbies, favorite food and movies can be provided by them.

02. Friend list and Invitation

Users of your websites can be able to browse or view profiles of other existing users and send them friend requests. Furthermore, they can also send invitation to people for becoming a member of the website, after receiving the invitation if the person creates profile he can be added to the friend list eventually. They can even join as fan under particular organization or person.

03. Internal Email System

The users will have the privilege of sending internal email to people present in their friend list and it will work as effortlessly as standard email system. The easily accessible features of our email compose segment, inbox, and outbox options make interaction easier.

04. Photos & Videos

Through our advanced tools, the users will be able to create photo gallery and organize the photos in inside the gallery. They would be also facilitated with the advantage of uploading videos depicting their opinion or service and products.

05. Rating & Comments

The users are free to express their opinion using the comment box on other users’ posts and the profile owner will be also able to reply or delete the comment. These comments would be displayed on the user’s profile page. Options of rating on posted videos and photos are also embedded.

06. Articles

Our developers would also add feature that makes it possible to add and edit article. Through browse and comprehensive search functionality, the users can find article of their interest and appealing or innovative articles can be also included under the “favorite option”. Likewise, through the Blog panel, blog can be posted, edited, added to favorites and rated as well.

07. Events

For informing about arranged events or upcoming local events, the users can use the events functionality implemented by Convergent Infoware, the leading name among Social networking development firms of India. They will be also able to browse, search events.

08. Jobs

The users are able to post jobs for particular locations paying charges that will be decided by the admin, and users who are looking for jobs can also browse and search jobs in their locations. Convert the popularity of your website to make revenues by offering paid services.

09. Feeds

TInside the homepage of the account area, users would be able to view feeds. The feed would notify the users about the surge of activity taking place in his social circle. Whenever they will stay active they would constantly receive personalized news streamlined by the activity of his friend list and social groups.

10. Groups

Users can create group in the website environment, other users will be also able to join the group after attaining approval from the group-creator. There will be a discussion board linked with each group where the group members can start discussion on certain topic. Even users can browse through the search list for finding certain group.

11. Integrated Advertising

Users will be able to place two different types of advertisements; target and homepage advertisements and the advertisement rate will be determined by the admin. In case of targeted adverts the advertisers will distinguish the targeted audience by mentioning their age, groups, location and range. The adverts will be displayed under the corresponding segments of the social networking website. Whereas when homepage adverts are concerned the advertisements will be shown in pre-defined 24 spots.


Taking advantage of the Marketplace provision the users can feature their products by paying charges. The payment setting can be thoroughly controlled by the site admin. The products can be enlisted under the product category with details like product name, price, images; users can also edit, add and delete products. They can browse through the product list and rate the sellers and products. The advanced functionalities of our developed social networking site give admin the privilege of approving the ratings.

13. Wave

Users can send wave to other users and the recipients can find on their homepage the number of waves they have received and also the sender. The wave can be retorted by wave and it would be visible on the recipients profile for 7 days unless they decline it. The wave is sent as an implication of showing interest. The receiver can accept wave and subsequently become friend with sender or ignore it.

14. Culinary Media

The users can take look inside the culinary media profiles via this page, the admin of these pages can effortlessly create media profiles and the other users can add comments on the posted blogs, and search the media profiles by name or content.

15. Restaurants

Make your own restaurant site devoted solely to the dining industry; enable the restaurant owners to create their profile on the site. Here detailed info can be included regarding recipes, locations, menu items, payment methods, timing and unique services offered by them. Our developers will incorporate certain provision where the users can rate the restaurants based upon the service, food, value, décor and overall rating would be calculated on these four points. Being the admin of the website you can set price range for enabling the users to create profile.