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Are you ready to refine your android mobile app development ideas? Convergent Infoware is the right address for materializing your imagination into stunning mobile app. We build intuitive android app that satisfies our client’s requirements adhering to the user-centered design approach.

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Managing Your Online Business With Android Apps

Android has gained huge acceptance worldwide owing to its intuitive and easy-to-use features, moreover, the platform is highly customizable rendering nearly infinite possibilities. Owing to the open source nature of Android platform it’s possible to create truly breathtaking, functionally rich apps on this framework. Android users are growing in number and with this custom android mobile app development is becoming an indispensable part of promoting your thoughts to the larger audience.

At Convergent Infoware, specialized in android application development, focus in customizing, designing, developing, testing and deployment of android applications accessing an extensive range of tools. We have earned a dignified niche amongst the android mobile app development companies in India for offering best-in-class android app development solutions. The highly knowledgeable android app makers/developers working with us have in-depth expertise in developing cross-platform mobile frameworks well suited for serving diversified purposes.

Our reputation as leading android development company from India stems from our core competency in developing native, hybrid and web app. Our industry-best in android mobile app development pricing ensures that now even small and midsized businesses can make use of Android development solutions in India without investing a fortune. With the view of creating benchmark as android mobile app company in India, we offer both native and hybrid Android App UI/ UX design, android app programming, app redesigning, app testing for flawless performance and app support and maintenance.

Methodology of our Android Mobile App development

Behind our every successful custom android mobile app development project lie cleverly crafted strategies starting from conceptualization to monetization and beyond. The steps followed by our developers can be summarized as below -

01. Research & Consulting

Our journey starts with figuring out the probable users and recognizing the limitations and room for growth by a thorough discussion with our clients, followed by defining the functionalities by the experienced team of our developers.

02. Architecture

The blueprint would be sent to the client for finding out the sync with their ideas after composing the primary wireframe complying with the established communication protocols. This is the key reason we are referred as one of the best Android development companies in India.

03. Design

This stage is dedicated for designing the UI and coding within a predetermined duration. Our developers also go in for the essential resources to upgrade the development proficiency if server component is involved.

04. Development

Being the best client-friendly android development company in India, we are always ready to lessen the obstacles of choosing the design needed to transpire your needs. The UI design team prepares the mockup based on the gathered information and content.

05. Quality Assurance

Along with fixing the bugs it is also notable to create the app equally compatible with several types of android devices. Hence, at Convergent Infoware, the app is checked thoroughly to make it error-free.

06. Market Submission

Then we make a step ahead by creating an admin account for providing you the complete rights of making any kind of changes in account information and pricing before submitting the app.Technical expertise & strategic development process are the key of our standing as the best android development company in India.

Transforming the Android Ecosystem With End-to-End Android Application Development Services

Our Android App Development service is not restricted only for Smartphones. We can be the Best Solution for Android App development in Kolkata for all types of Android Devices.

The full-cycle custom Android app development process that we follow has helped us to delve deep into the Android world. And we have explored all possible solutions - Smartphones, Android tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV.

We use time-tested android app development software as our primary tech stack to deliver easy-to-use, intuitive apps. Our highly skilled Android app developers know the secret formula to develop apps that witness more than a million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Our Specialization In Android App Development

In this era of Smartphones,you can make your business reachable to all across the world through Mobile Application. We, Convergent Infoware, the Best Android Development Company in Kolkata is ready for developing the Native or Hybrid Android Mobile Application to make your business run smoothly.

Travel and Utility App

Whether you are having a travel business or you are involved in the field of tourism, travel and utility apps.

News and Education Apps

We are one of the leading android mobile app development company specialized in news and educational apps.

eCommerce Application

We have one of the Best Android Development Services in India for making eCommerce applications both for single seller and multi seller platform.

Taxi booking Apps

We are experienced in developing the Taxi and Cargo booking apps both in Native Android and Hybrid platforms which will help to make your car-rental business easily accessible by more customers.

Finance Apps

The android financial apps designed by our experienced and skilled developers help in elevating banking and financial.

Productivity App Development

Having a team of Best Android Developers in Kolkata, we are very much knowledgeable to create productivity or business apps to expand your business smoothly.

Benefits Of Android Development

We are one of the Best Android App Development Company in Kolkata, can provide you the most comfortable services for your application, making from scratch to developing it as the most user-friendly one.

Easy Customization

Being an open source platform and providing maximum personalized attributes to the development team, makes android applications an admired solution. Additionally, the OS sanctions the formation of adaptable Android apps that can be smoothly consolidated into multimedia tools and data management functions of your present business business procedures.

Higher ROI

The Android’s Software Development Kits(SDK) are easily available as an open source platform. By paying a one-time registration fee for application distribution which can support any computer device to create and test the product for their smartphones, making sure for low investment and expanded user engagements. Successively the end users reap benefits by an interactive app and gain a higher return on investments.

Embellishment in Security and Easy Marketing

Android has launched several subsidiary and integral security attributes which will help the protection against malware and viruses. Also, a self-operating system can send recurring notifications to the users and keep them updated. Moreover you can promote your Android app due the platform’s pervasiveness.

Scope for Innovation

The biggest strength of the Android platform is the universal existence. If you want to target a selected audience with some ingenious characteristics the Android App Developers can assist you by utilizing cutting-edge tools and technological improvements. You can get high-end app services with the unification of modern technologies like AR and VR at reasonable costs. In a way, Android is offering you a vast scope for innovation and opens up for the new business world.

Evolving Platform

Are you aware that Android is still evolving? The Android Smartphone Companies keep on introducing new attributes to combat in this competitive market and the Android Developer’s community gets adapted to them very swiftly. NFC, mobile payments, and HD displays were introduced by Android OS. When you choose an Android app, you also get the advantage of this evolving platform.

Reduced TTM (Time To Market)

Android App Development Tools can smooth a rapid development process with an easy unification of desired features.Experienced Android Developers can build an app in a short span of time and you can get an advantage of a reduced TTM. In this competitive market, it is very important to introduce your own business app.

Technology That We Use

In this vast world of technologies we are using the updated one like PHP, Laravel, HTML, CSS for websites and Java,Condova, Eclipse, Swift, Cocoa, Objective C, Xcode, React Native for applications. These technologies will help your websites or mobile applications to be contemporary and user-friendly so that it can cover the users or customers all over the world.